Mahaganapati Temple of Arizona will be celebrating Yajur Upakarma on Wednesday August 14th 2019

Event Name : Yajur Upakarma / Avaani Avittam
Date : August 14th Wednesday 2019
Time : 6:00AM to 8:30AM
Venue : Tumbleweed Recreation Center Cotton room south

For more information contact

Shri Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar ji (480) 388 6583
Shri Varaparkash Ji (720) 999 6529
Ramesh Natarajan 602-791-8974
Sribhaskar Mahadevan 602-400-3432

Required Materials for Upakarma

Devotees who wish to participate are requested to bring the following
"Panchapathra Uthrani" (Tumbler or paper cups+ spoon), A Plate, Fruits & Some Flowers.
Water, Rice & other required upakarma materials will be provided by the Temple.

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