Pt. Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar, a Yagnika (Hindu Priest) with several years of formal training hails from the city of Vallioor, Tamil Nadu. Panditji is well versed in Krishna Yajur Veda and Shaiva Agama and is qualified to perform several rituals and religious ceremonies in accordance with Hindu traditions. Having participated in numerous religious seminars conducted all over India, Pt. Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar has undergone formal veda, agama and shastra training at Veda Agama Samaskrutha Maha Patashala, Bangalore. Bhattar acquired his training in Shaiva agama under the guidelines of Veda Shiva Agama Sidhanatha Sastra Kala Maha Patashalai, Thiruchendur, India.

Bhattar is conversant in languages namely Tamil and Hindi. Besides bringing with him a valuable skill of performing special alankarams to deities at temples, he also has the credit of participating in several agamic temple consecration ceremonies in India.

The services performed by Bhattar in the last few years range from Ayusha Homa to Hindu weddings to specialized pujas such as Chaturkala puja, Utsava puja, Mandala puja, Vishesha puja, Sathyanarayan puja Navarathiri pujs and many kinds of shanthis.

Before starting to serve Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona, Pt. Jeyantheeswaran Bhattar has served as the Head Priest at Sankatahara Ganapathy Temple in New Delhi and at Udhaya Marthanda Ganapathy Temple in Tamil Nadu prior to that.