Rules of the Tournament

(Note: M - Male player   F - Female Player   Y - Young player (age < 14))

  1. Games are played between two teams of six players
  2. Each game consists of a Six six-ball overs bowled by each side.
  3. Max. of two overs can be bowled by a bowler
  4. Preferred atleast 1 F/Y per team
  5. Bonus of 5 runs will be awarded to each F/Y Player in each innings not exceeding 10 runs per team.
  6. M retires not out on reaching 25 runs
  7. Retired M can come back to play if rest of the players were either out or retired.
  8. Two points would be awarded for each winning team and 1 each for a tie.
  9. In case of a tie on the points table, Team with higher net run rate will proceed to next round. In case of a tie in run rate, Team with more runs in that round will proceed
  10. Umpires decision is final.  
  11. Bowling type is at bowlers discretion.