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Maha Raja Gopuram Brahma Dwara Puja

This is a very rare puja and happens only once in a temple’s history. Participating in this puja bestows abundant blessings for generations.

10:30 AM - Ganapati Puja and Punyaha Vachanam
10:45 AM - Sankalpam
11:15 AM - Brahma Dwara Puja at the top of Maha Raja Gopuram along with Offering of Navadhanyams, Navarathnas, Pancha Loka, Gold and Silver
12:00 PM - Flute Concert by Smt Hema Balasubramanian
12:30 PM - Maha Arathi and Prasad

Later Event: November 13
Arupadi Veedu Skanda Shasti