You can make a difference!  There are many ways to be a temple builder. 

The temple is a 501-c3 Non-Profit Organizations, which means all your donations are tax-deductible and go only towards sustaining and growing the temple. 

Donate A BRICK

The 4 phases of construction were completed through brick by brick donation from the community of Arizona. You can be a part of this historical monument by contributing bricks for the next phase.  You can either physically be at the temple and write your name on the brick and place the brick in the construction area or Donate online, we will write your name and place the brick in the construction area on your behalf.

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By contributing just a dollar a day, you can become a pillar of support for the temple, helping sustain its day to day operational expenses.  The more the Pillars of Support from the community the stronger the temple's foundation.  You can contribute monthly through automatic donations from your checking account or from a credit card (All Cards accepted). Please drop off the form at the front desk at the temple or sign up online

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The Stewardship Group is a prestigious and unique listing instituted to recognize philanthropists whose generosity has demonstrated a commitment towards the tradition of the past and the vision of future. The temple is grateful to its stewards whose monetary contributions over the last several years have helped reach where we are today. As a way of recognizing generous contributors, the name of the donor's family will be permanently engraved on a monumental wall.  You too can be part of this prestigious group of patrons.. To find out more please contact our fundraising chair Mouli Subramanian (

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Current members of Stewardship Group

Sudha Ram & Ram Sundaresan Ram
The Krithivas Family
Chitra & kalyan Subramanian family
Srimathy & Mohan Gopalakrishnan
Vijay & Prabha Nair
Aravind & Jegatri Thayaparan family
Shobana & Sadish kumar
K.Vijayaraghavan & Jayanthi Vijay
Aparna & Krishnamurthy Srinivasan
SP.L.RM.Elango & Sala family
Vijaysree&Kumar Balasubramanian Family
S.Jayachandran & Family
Srilalithe & Pradeep Ganesh
Aravind Ganapathi Aarthi Ganapathi
Sujatha & Murli parameswaran
Anitha & SriBhaskar Family
Raja Mahamani & Family
Lakshmanan Palaniappan & Family

Shruti & Mouli Subramanian
Anu Venugopal & Venu Raghavan
Jyoti & Sridhar
Dr.Rajeesh S.Punnakkattu& Mrs.Prameela Rajesh
Kalyanam Family Trust
Dev and Vasanthi Mahadevan Family
Jayashree & Ramesh S.Natarajan
Subhasree & Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy
Ganesh Krishnamurthy & Family
Dr.Rajagopalan & Vasanthi Ravi
Karu Thenappan & Family
Ganesh Family
Steven & Deborah Addair
Divya & Balakumaran Janakiraman
Rajkumar Sivasankaran & Chitra rajkumar
Ramamrutham Family
Usha & Vijay Kumar

Sponsor Ornaments 

We love to adorn our deities in ornaments, which as per indian tradition is sign of wealth and prosperity of the community. You can make that happen by sponsoring for our presiding deities (hanuman, sathyanarayana, subramanya) one of silver ornaments the Kireetam (Crown), Kavacham (Armor), Mangalyam,  Sacred Thread amongst many others.  

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SPONSOR a Part of Rajagopuram

Phase 5 of the construction includes the RajaGopuram (Grand Entrance Tower). RajaGopuram is usually 5 stories tall with each level having a carvings and sculpture from Hindu Puranas. Estimated total cost of the Raja Gopuram is $500,000. Devotees can participate by contributing to the "500 for $1000" Program in which 500 families donate $1000 or more towards it.

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Your contribution of as little as 2 of your company stocks can help build a strong financial foundation to the temple
Please contact our fundraising team member SriBhaskar Mahadevan at (480)966-6238 for Broker Details and personalized help to setup your stock transfer to the temple. 



If you would like to donate to the temple by writing a check, Please make the checks payable to
"Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona" and mail the check to   Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona
P.O. Box - 11368
Chandler, AZ, 85248-0007