Sri Puspha Yagam Just like how it is performed in Thirumala Tirupati
Starting from Suprabhatha in the morning and ending with Garuda Seva , Fireworks (अग्निक्रीडा) in the night 

On Saturday November 3rd, 2018


Lord Srinivasa is the protector of the people on earth. His grace and blessings protect all living beings from harm and ensures that goodness prevails on earth. Pushpa Yagam is performed to Lord Srinivasa to seek His blessings in order to remove the six bad gunas (characteristics/traits) and to grow the six good gunas.

The six good gunas are

1. Gnanam- Knowledge/wisdom

2. Shakti - Energy

3. Balam - Strength

4. Aishwaryam - Prosperity

5. Veeram - Courage

6. Tejam - Vitality/ illumination

The six negative Gunas are

1. Kamam - Lust

2. Krodham - Anger

3. Moham - Desire

4. Lobham - Greed

5. Madham - vanity/pride

6. Matsaryam - Stinginess

The Pushpa Yagam at the temple will also involve devotee participation where devotees will perform some of the pujas.

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